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Rear end collisions caused by insufficient following distance is one of the leading causes of road accidents. Avoid becoming another statistic with Cyclone's BF-200 blinking brake light system.


How  does it work?

Each time you press your brake pedal, the BF-200 device sends two blinking pulses to your  third  brake  light prior  to lighting it solid. This makes your vehicle that much  more  visible to  the driver  behind in  any  type of  weather.

 A flash can be seen considerably easier in the bright glare of the summer sun or on a foggy
evening  with  poor  visibility.  When the brake pedal is  released,  the  module resets itself  and can be depressed again,  thus giving  you  the ability  to send multiple signals to an oblivious driver behind you.

ONLY:  R198.00  Exl.
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